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Vol. XXXI No. 1 



'Announcements for the Session 


Ninety-second Year of Law School 

Entered Jaonary 30, 1904, at Lebanon, Tennessee, u 
seoond-dass nutter under Act of Congress of July 16, 1894 


Law vSciiooi, Pjuiluing 


Established 1847 


Ernest L. Stockton, A.M., LL.B., LL.D., 

Albert B. Neil, LL.B., LL.D., 
Dean and Professor of Law 

Samuel B. Gilreath, LL.B., 
Professor of Law 

Lewis C. Cassidy, B.A., A.M., LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D., SJ.D., 
Professor of Law 

John J. Hooker, A.B., LL.B., 
Professor of Law 

Sara Hardison, LL.B., 
Secretary and Librarian 



Monday — Summer Session begins. 
Monday — Registration of Law Students begins, 
Monday — Registration of Freshmen. 
Tuesday — Lectures and Tests for Freshmen. 
Wednesday — Registration of Upper Classmen. 
Friday — Convocation, 11 :15 A. M. 
Thursday — Thanksgiving Day, Holiday. 
Saturday — Christmas Vacation begins. 


Monday — Classes resumed. 
Monday — First Semester Examinations begin. 
Wednesday — havf School Commencement, First Semester ends. 
Thursday — Registration for Second Semester begins. 
Monday — Classes begin. 
Tuesday — Spring Recess begins. 
Tuesday — Classes resumed. 

Saturday — Second Semester Examinations begin. 
Sunday — Baccalaureate Sunday. 
Monday— College Class Day. 10 :30 A. M. 
Tuesday — Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees. 
Law Class Day, 10 :30 A. M. 
May 31 Wednesday — Ninety-Sixth Commencement. 



























March 28 












Cumberland Untversity has had a long and enviable history, 
having entered upon its career in 1842, Since that time it has sent 
out forty-seven college presidents, eighty-six college professors, 
sixty Congressmen, nine United States Senators, fifteen Gover- 
nors of states, two justices of the United States Supreme Court, 
one hundred and sixty district judges, twelve Federal judges, and 
forty justices of State Supreme Courts. Twelve hundred ministers 
have been numbered among its former students. Its eighteen thou- 
sand matriculates and six thousand graduates have come from all 
parts of this country, and seven foreign countries have been rep- 

The Law School was created as a department of Cumberland 
University on February 22, 1847. At various subsequent sittings 
of the board the plan of organization was perfected, and in the 
month of October, 1847, the first term opened, with one professor 
and seven students present. Judge Abram Caruthers was the pro- 
fessor. He was called from the bench of the Circuit Court to this 
new work by the Board of Trustees. Robert L. Caruthers, who, 
for many years, was President of the Board, provided the first 
classroom in his own ofiice. Judge Abram Caruthers has been 
recognized as one of the ablest judges who ever presided in the 
courts of the state. His opening address attracted wide attention, 
and was copied and commented upon in many of the legal publica- 
tions throughout the country. He assailed and utterly discredited 
the old system of teaching by lectures, and insisted that the science 
of law should be taught like any other science. 

The school was at once a success. Judge N. Green, Senior, then 
one of the Supreme Judges of the State, was called to assist Judge 
Caruthers in the conduct of the school in 1848. He did not resign 
as a member of the Supreme Court until 1852. Judge Bromfield 
L. Ridley became a Professor of Law in 1848, and serv^ed until 
1852. In 1856, N. Green, Junior, was elected a professor, the 
prosperity of the school requiring the services of three instructors. 
These three gentlemen continued as the faculty until the beginning 
of the Civil War in 1861. At that time there were one hundred 
and eighty law students in attendance. Judge Abram Caruthers 
died during the war. Judge X. Green, Senior, survived the war 
and assisted his son, N. Green, Junior, in the revival of the school, 
but died, at an advanced age and full of honors, in 1866. He was 
succeeded that year by the Hon. Henr>' Cooper, and two years 
thereafter. Judge Cooper having resigned, Judge Robert L. Ca- 

4 Cumberland University Bulletin 

ruthers, who was for many years on the Supreme Bench of the 
state, was elected to fill the vacancy. He resigned in 1881 because 
of advancing years and feeble health, and Dr. Andrew B. Martin 
succeeded him, serving until his death, May 19, 1920. 

Judge Nathan Green, Junior, after having taught as a professor 
in the Law school for more than sixty years, died on February 17, 
1919. He was succeeded by Judge Edward E. Beard, who served 
until his death, June 18, 1924. In July, 1920, W. R. Chambers 
was selected as the successor of Dr. Martin, and in October, 1923, 
Judge Albert Williams was selected as a professor of law. 

Judge A. B. Neil was elected Professor of Law in September, 
1930, and was made Dean in January, 1935. Judge Neil was grad- 
uated from the Law School of Cumberland University in Septem- 
ber, 1896. He practiced law at Nashville until September, 1910, 
when he was appointed Criminal Judge of Davidson County, in 
which office he served one full term of eight years, at the close of 
which he was elected Judge of the Second Circuit Court at Nash- 
ville, in which office he has served continuously for the last sixteen 
years, making a continuous service on the bench, at Nashville, of 
more than twenty- four years. 

Sinclair Daniel, LL.B., was a member of the law faculty from 
January to June, 1932. In June, Samuel B. Gilreath became a 
Professor of Law. 

This is among the oldest law schools of the South, and its suc- 
cess from the beginning has been unparalleled by any other similar 
institution. Thousands of young men have here received instruc- 
tion in the law. There are to be found in every section of the 
country and in every honorable station for which professional train- 
ing fits them. Some have reached the bench of the "greatest court 
on earth," the Supreme Court of the United States, and many are 
or have been Chief Executives of states and members of both 
houses of the United States Congress. Indeed, wherever found, 
in public or private station, on the bench or at the bar, their suc- 
cessful careers, attributable in some degree, to the systematic train- 
ing received here, are giving prestige to their Alma Mater. 

No law school in the country has furnished the profession a more 
honorable and worthy body of graduates than has this school, and 
it is with commendable and natural pride that the institution now 
points to the record of these distinguished sons. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 5 

Women are admitted to the same classes with men as students. 
The course, being thoroughly practical, prepares the student either 
to practice law, or to conduct their business according to law. 


Lebanon is one of the oldest towns in Middle Tennessee, and 
celebrated its centennial in 1902. It has been an educational center 
throughout its history, and now has a population of about 6,000. 
The University is the chief enterprise of the town, and as a result, 
the citizens are deeply interested in its prosperity. They accord 
to the students a hearty welcome. 


It is only by exercising the energies of his own mind that a stu- 
dent can qualify himself for the bar. Any plan which would pro- 
pose to make a lawyer of him without his doing the hard work for 
himself would be idle and visionary. The virtue of any plan of 
instruction must consist of two things : 

1. That it cause the student to work, or, in other words, to study 

To accomplish this the student is given a portion of the text as 
a lesson every day, on which he is examined the next day. He is 
required to answer in the presence of the whole class, questions 
upon the lessons thus assigned. If he has any spirit in him, or 
pride of character, this will insure the closest application of which 
he is capable. 

For more than seventy years it has been the policy of the school 
to use the great text books as a method of instruction, students 
being assigned daily lessons upon which they are thus orally ex- 
amined the following day. It is realized that the study of text 
books alone is insufficient. The student must work out many 
legal problems for himself. He must be, and is, required to apply 
his own powers of reason to the solution of difficult cases. In 
addition to the text books, he is required to study, there are many 
decisions (leading cases) assigned him during his course of in- 
struction. Legal education that fails to develop in every mind the 
power of logical reasoning must Ix; of little value. 

6 Cumberland University Bulletin 

It is the judgment of many of the greatest lawyers of America 
that the combined study of law, as it is found in the great text 
books, and well selected cases, is the ideal plan of instruction. 

During the second year the "case work" method of instruction 
will be largely followed. In the study of the great cases (decisions) 
the student is brought face to face with the practical application of 
the fundamental rules of law in determining the rights and liabili- 
ties of litigants. 

From the very beginning, students under a competent instructor, 
are taught the origin of the law, its object and purposes, its philos- 
ophy, as well as its growth and development. 

2. The plan should not only make a student work, but it ought 
so to guide and direct him as to make him work to the greatest 

A man may work very hard, but still so unwisely that he will ac- 
complish little. It is equally so with the farmer, the mechanic, and 
the law student. The student ought to have such a course of study 
assigned to him, and be conducted through it in such a way, that 
he will understand at the end of his course the greatest amount 
of pure, living American law, and will know best how to apply it 
in practice. 

The duty of the professor in this school is to conduct the daily 
examination of students upon the lessons assigned them ; to direct 
their minds to what is most important in the textbooks ; to teach 
them what is and what is not settled ; to correct the errors into which 
they may fall ; to dispel the darkness that hangs upon many passages. 
This is necessary every day and at every step of their progress. 

Moot Courts 

The law is a vast science, and a very difficult one ; and the stu- 
dent needs every possible facility to enable him, by the most arduous 
labor, to comprehend its leading elementary principles. But this 
is not all he has to do. He has to learn how to apply these prin- 
ciples in practice. This is the art of his profession, and he can only 
learn it by practice. It is as necessary a preparation for assuming 
the responsibilities of a lawyer as the learning of the science. If 
he learns it at the bar, it is at the expense of his client ; if he learns 
it in the school, it is at his own expense. 

The advantage of the Moot Court System is that it not only im- 
bues a student with the elementary principles of law involved in his 

Cumberland University Bulletin 7 

case, but also with a knowledge of the law of remedies. It trains 
him also in the discussion of facts, and to the exercise of that fac- 
ulty which is so important in real practice. 

Practice in Moot Court forms a part of the plan of instruction. 
Every student is required to bring' suits in the forms adapted to 
all our courts, and to conduct them to final hearing. The students 
act as- attorneys, jurors, clerks, and sheriffs. 


A large and valuable law library for the use of law students is 
open every day in the week, Sundays excepted. It is located in 
the law building in a comfortably furnished room, well lighted and 
heated. It contains over 6,500 volumes. Special mention may be 
made of the National Reporter and Digest Systems, Corpus Juris, 
Ruling Case Law, L. R. A., both original and new series, American 
Law Reports, Federal Cases, United States Reports, American Re- 
ports, American Decisions, American State Reports, English Ruling 
Cases, and British Ruling Cases; besides a great collection of other 
standard law books. 

The library is kept up-to-date by the constant addition of new 
books as published. All of the published opinions of the courts of 
last resort of all the states of the United States, together with the 
opinions of all the inferior Federal Courts and the intermediate 
Appellate Courts of the State of New York, are found in the library. 
We also have the statutes of the forty-eight states. 



The applicant for admission to the Law School must present 
his high school or college credits to the Registrar of the University 
two weeks before the beginning of the semester he expects to enter. 
In addition, the applicant must present a letter of recommendation 
from an alumnus of Cumberland University or a prominent pro- 
fessional or business man. If he transfers from another college or 
university, a letter of honorable dismissal is required. 

No student will be enrolled or allowed the privilege of the class- 
room until he has paid in full the tuition and other fees of the par- 
ticular class which he desires to enter. Partial payments will not 
be accepted. Students must come prepared to comply with this rule. 

8 Cumberland University Bulletin 

No one will be permitted to begin the study of courses in any 
semester until he shall have completed satisfactorily all antecedent 


At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of 
Trustees on December 13, 1937, it was definitely decided to confer 
the Bachelor of Laws degree only after twD years of resident study 
in the Law School, effective September, 1938. At present there is 
the requirement that every student must file credits from a standard 
High School, showing that he has completed a High School edu- 
cation. This will be continued as a prerequisite to qualify for the 
LL.B. degree. 


Every State Board of Bar Examiiners, with the fewest excep- 
tions, requires a full High School education before an applicant is 
permitted to take a bar examination. Many require one or more 
years of College work. 

It is a serious mistake for any one to undertake the study of law 
who does not have a sound education. It is the belief of many 
thoughtful men that all students should have more than a High 
School education before beginning legal studies. While many men 
have attained great distinction at the Bar who did not have a Col- 
lege or even a High School education, it cannot be doubted that 
they were seriously handicapped in the early years of their pro- 
fessional life. 


The traditional one year school has been a success for more than 
seventy years. The course of study heretofore given in one year 
will be continued without change, except to improve it, as the first 
year of the prescribed course of two years, leading to the LL.B. 
degree. Certificates, signed by the faculty, will be given all stu- 
dents completing this course, and the LL.B. degree conferred after 
two years of resident study. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 9 

Two school years of two full semesters each will be required 
in order to qualify for the Bachelor of Laws degree. 

LL.B. Degree After a Year's Resident Study 

All students who have studied law for one year at an accredited 
school may receive the LL.B. degree after one year's resident study. 
Such students may elect to take the first or second year course, but 
must complete all other work prescribed by the faculty. The 
amount of tuition to be paid will be the same as that charged for 
the first year. All students who have been admitted to the Bar 
before matriculation, and who present a certificate of good moral 
character, may receive the LL.B. degree after one year's resident 
study. They may elect to take the first or second year course, but 
must complete all other work prescribed by the faculty. The amount 
of tuition shall be the same paid by students from an accredited 


Students not having sufficient credits to enable them to qualify 
for the LL.B. degree may pursue their studies in the school and 
receive a "certificate" showing the time spent in resident study, as 
well as grades in each completed subject ; provided they pass all ex- 
aminations satisfactorily and otherwise comply with the rules and 
regulations of the school. 

Special students who desire to qualify for the LI^.B degree, and 
who have not sufficient credits at the time of matriculation, may 
do so by taking a prescribed course of study in the College of 
Arts in addition to their legal studies, and thereafter studying two 
years in the Law School. The President of the University, or 
Dean of the College of Arts and Science, must certify to the Dean of 
the Law School that such students have sufficient credits to enable 
them to qualify. 

When the Semesters Begin 

The fall semester will begin on the 12th day of September, 1938. 
The spring semester will begin the fourth Monday in Januarj', 
1939. There are two classes beginning with each semester, and 

10 Cumberland University Bulletin 

students may enter at the opening of either semester. There is a 
graduating class at the close of each semester — one in January, the 
other in June. The next Summer Course will begin June 6, 1938. 

It is desirable that students enter on the first day of each semester. 
A degree will not be conferred on any student entering after October 
4, until he shall have made up the lost time during a subsequent 
school year; or after February 7 of the spring semester. Lost 
time may be made up by taking the summer course. 

Directions for New Students 

New law students are advised, on their arrival in Lebanon, to 
inquire for Memorial Hall, phone 154, or Men's Dormitory, phone 
71, where Room and Board can be had and where full information 
and advice will be given, and where they will matriculate. 

Unexcused Absences — Special Examinations 

No unexcused absences will be permitted, and no student will 
under any circumstances be allowed to graduate who has been ab- 
sent from class more than fifteen times during the school year. Lost 
time may be made up by subsequent attendance, either during the 
summer course or the regular course. Special examinations are 
required where students have been absent ten times during the 
school year for which an extra fee will be charged. 


First Semester 

History of a Lawsuit, Caruthers-Gilreath 3 sem. hours 

Evidence (Book to be selected) 3 sem. hours 

Corporations (Book to be selected) 3 sem. hours 

Torts, Cooley 3 sem. hours 

Domestic Relations, Peck 2 sem. hours 

Personal Property, Childs 2 sem. hours 

Wills and Administration, Rood 3 sem. 


Practice Court 1 sem. hour 

Cumberland University Bxh-letin 11 

Second Semester 

Equity Jurisprudence, Bispham 3 sem. hours 

Real Property, Tiffany's Outlines 3 sem. hours 

Negotiable Instruments, Crawford 2 sem. hours 

Contracts, Parsons 4 sem. hours 

Constitutional Law. Black 3 sem. hours 

Criminal Law, May 2 sem. hours 

Legal Ethics 1 sem. hour 

Practice Court 1 sem. hour 

Assigned reading, History of Law, its growth and 
development, its philosophy, etc. 


First Semester 

Contracts (Cases), Benjamin & Messing 3 sem. hours 

Bailments & Carriers. Goddard 3 sem. hours 

Partnership (Cases), Crane 2 sem. hours 

Negotiable Instruments, Williston 2 sem. hours 

Torts (Cases), Keigwin 3 sem. hours 

Bankruptcy. Collier 2 sem. hours 

Moot Court 

Second Semester 

Wills & Administration, Costigan 2 sem. hours 

Real Property, II (Cases), Sullivan 3 sem. hours 

Conflict of Laws, Goodrich 2 sem. hours 

Agency (Text & Cases), Mechem 2 sem. hours 

Equity & Equity Pleading & Practice (Text & 

Cases) , Keigwin 3 sem. hours 

Federal Jurisdiction & Procedure (Text & Cases) 

(Book to be selected) 3 sem. hours 

Legal Research 2 sem. hours 

Legal Ethics (Canons of Legal & Judicial Ethics, 

adopted by the American Bar Association) 
Moot Court 

It will be observed that certain major subjects are taught in both 
the first and second year. The study of these subjects during the 
second year is not a review, but a more exhaustive study by the 
case-book method. 

12 Cumberland UNivERSirv BxillETin 


During both the first and second year, students are assigned "lead- 
ing cases" to study. They are also given an "agreed statement of 
facts," which may form the basis of a lawsuit. All cases (many 
of them are quite complicated) must be fully briefed. Under the 
direction of an experienced lawyer, the student is not only taught 
how to "brief" his case, but how to draw valid legal documents 
such as pleadings, both in law and equity, deeds, deeds of trust, 
mortgages, wills, etc. Students are not lectured upon fanciful 
theories of the law. Nothing is of greater importance than the 
practical application of substantive law to the every day problems 
of life. All work is required tvork. Every student must pursue 
his studies under the direction of the faculty. No one is permitted 
to graduate who has not completed the full course and passed his 
examinations. No evening classes are conducted at any time. 

The above is tentative. The right is reserved to make such 
changes and additions as the Faculty may deem best. 


Tuition and fees for each semester of the first year are $130.00, 
payable in advance at the beginning of the semester. Of this 
amount, $100.00 is the tuition and $30.00 is for operation and main- 
tenance, including library and diploma fees. 

Tuition and fees for each semester of the second year are $60.00, 
payable in advance at the beginning of the semester. 

Cap and Gown Rental Fee 

All candidates for degrees and certificates are required to wear 
cap and gown at their graduation convocation, class day exercises, 
and graduation exercises. The University has exclusive charge of 
the rental of caps and gowns for the students and faculty. 


The books for the one-year course may be rented at approxi- 
mately $24.00 per year. Other books can be purchased at Lebanon. 

College of Arts and Science 

Tuition and fees for students who are carrying twelve to six- 
teen hours are $57.50 for each semester. Of this amount, $37.50 
is for tuition and $20.00 is for operation and maintenance fee. A 

Cumberland University Bulletin 13 

charge of $6.00 is made for every hour above sixteen hours per 

In addition, the following semester fees are charged for labora- 
tory courses : 

Biology, mechanical drawing, physics, surveying, and chemistry, 
$10.00 each; a breakage deposit of $5.00 is required on each of 
these courses for one semester of each year, a portion of the unused 
balance will be returned at the end of the year. Home Economics ; 
foods and related courses, $12:50; clothing and related courses, 
$5.00. A charge of $2.00 is made for transfers in subjects three 
days after registration. No refunds are made on any fees of any 
type for any reason. 

A diploma fee of $10.00 is payable with the other fees of the 
second semester of the senior year. All fees, tuition, including room 
rent and board, are payable by the semester in advance at the office 
of the Business Manager. 

School of Law 

Tuition and fees of each semester of the one-year course are 
$130.00. Of this amount, $100.00 is for tuition and $30.00 is for 
operation and maintenance, including library and certificate fees. 

Tuition and fees for the second-year course are $60.00 for each 

Students who take special commercial courses will be charged 
$20.00 per course for each semester. 

Tuition for music is $40.00 for each semester for two private 
lessons of one-half hour per week, or $45.00 for two one hour 
private lessons per week. 

Public Speaking: Tuition $15.00 j)€r semester for 2 hours 

All tuition fees, including room rent and board, are payable by 
the semester in advance at the office of the Business Manager. 

The Dormitories for Men and Women 

The dormitories for men and women are located on the campus 
where students may room and board conveniently. The buildings 
are of modern design, thoroughly equipped and steam heated. The 
dormitory for women has recently been constructed and is thor- 
oughly modern in every detail for the convenience of the student. 

14 Cumberland University Bulletin 

All women students attending any department of the University 
are required to stay in the dormitory for women. 

The price of a double room and board in the men's and women's 
dormitories is $90.00 per semester, payable in advance, exclusive 
of Christmas holidays at which time all dormitories are closed. 

For those desiring a single room, there will be a small additional 
charge of $11.25 per room per semester. 

A breakage deposit of $5.00, which will be refunded at the end 
of the year in the event there is no damage, or other charge, is 
required. Key deposit of $1.00. 

Students must furnish electric light bulbs, single sheets for 3x6 
foot beds, pillow cases and the necessary blankets. Also table 
napkins. This equipment should be sent two weeks in advance of 
the student's arrival at the University. Electricity is metered to 
each room separately, and the students are required to pay a small 
rate per kilowatt hour for electricity consumed in their room each 
month. Students are also required to abide by the dormitory rules 
governing the use of radios, and other devices. 

All out-of-town students attending the University are required 
to live in the University dormitories until the dormitories are 
filled to capacity, and then they shall live only in such houses as are 
approved by the University authorities. 

All students who room in the dormitories are required to board 
in the University dining-hall. Students who have rooms off the 
campus will be accepted as boarders at the regular semester rates. 

There will be no deduction for table board, except-for continuous 
absence of three weeks. 

The rates will be the same for the young ladies as for the young 
men. Careful supervision of the young ladies will be provided so 
that parents may be assured of most desirable home surroundings 
for their daughters. 

It is the purpose to make the dormitories as homelike as possible. 
It is understood, therefore, that each student who accepts a place 
in the dormitories agrees to abide by the ordinary requirements of 
gentlemanly and ladylike behavior, remembering that each is but 
one of a family and that others have rights that must be respected. 

It is also understood that the privileges of the dormitories are 
granted only on the condition that any form of hazing is strictly 
prohibited and that each student is absolutely protected in the right 
of his or her own room. 

Cumberland University Bulletin IS 

No payments will be refunded to students who leave the Uni- 
versity except in case of illness involving absence for more than 
half a semester, and then not more than one-half of the propor- 
tionate tuition charge, and room and board, for such period of 
absence, will be refunded. No refunds are made on any type of 
fees. Students will be expected to submit a letter from parents or 
attending physician when requesting a refund on account of illness. 

All financial obligations to the University must be met before 
credits can be recorded or transferred or a diploma granted. 

The University business office must approve or disapprove all 
contracts, agreements, any and all types and forms of student con- 
cession or financial assistance, and the like entered into by the 
students, University, class groups, etc. The University business 
office has supervision and charge of student publications, directories, 
programs, year books, and the like. Also the awarding of dormi- 
tory and campus concessions. 

All books are secured from the University Book Store. 

Lebanon being a town of only about 6,000 population, there is 
but little opportunity for one to work his way through the law 

Student's Life and Conduct 

The University expects every student to maintain conduct which 
is morally right and becoming. In upholding this principle, it re- 
serves the right to dismiss at any time any student whose conduct 
it considers undesirable, without assigning reasons therefore. In 
such cases fees and tuitions are not refunded, either in whole or in 
part. No liability shall be incurred either by the University or 
any of its officials for the exclusion of any student. 


A student who for any reason finds it necessary to withdraw 
from the University at any time other than the close of a semester 
is required to file with the Registrar written pennission from the 
Dean of the School in which he is registered, otherwise a letter of 
honorable dismissal cannot be granted, and all courses in which the 
student is registered shall be recorded as failure. 


An assembly of the students of the University is held each week. 

All <;tiidpnt<; nrp rpnnirpfl to att.'^nrl 

16 Cumberland University Bulletin 


There are no entrance examinations, but, in addition to the daily 
recitation in the classroom, the students are required to stand a 
written examination in each subject. No student will be graduated 
who fails to make a grade of at least 70 in each subject, and 75 on 
final examination. When an examination paper is once handed 
in by the student to be graded it is not subject to recall by him 
thereafter for any purpose. Any student failing to pass the final 
examination shall not have another examination as a matter of 
right. The faculty shall be the sole judge as to whether or not 
he will be given an additional examination. 

Final Examinations 

Final examinations will be required of all students who have not 
attended classes regularly. 

At the close of each school year all students having more than ten 
(10) cuts in class attendance, and others who have failed to pass 
one or more intermediate examinations, must stand a final written 
examination in order to graduate. Any student whose examination 
in any subject is, for any reason, unsatisfactory may be required 
to stand a final examination in order to graduate. All students 
who are required to stand such final examinations must make a 
grade of 75 in order to graduate. 

Diploma and License 

A diploma conferring the degree. Bachelor of Laws, will be given 
all graduates of the school. But to become a graduate, the student 
must satisfactorily accomplish the entire course prescribed, by study 
and recitation here, in the regular order, and under the immediate 
direction of the Faculty. No exception to this rule will be allowed. 
Neither previous reading, nor reading here, in advance of the 
progress of the class, by doubling, shall in any wise excuse com- 
pliance with this requirement. The entire course must be com- 
pleted here. 

By order of the Trustees of the University, diplomas are to be 
awarded to those students only who are present on graduation day, 
providential causes alone excusing absence. 

To obtain a license in Tennessee to practice law, all applicants 
must pass an examination before the State Board of Law Exam- 
iners. The course of study prescribed here, if accomplished under 
the direction of the Faculty, prepares the young man, in the short- 

Cumberland University Bulletin 17 

est time possible and at the least expense, for that examination. 
The Board of Tennessee does not permit anyone to take an exam- 
ination until two years of legal study have been completed. 


There will be a summer course taught during the summer of 
1939, continuing eight weeks. This course will cover the law of 
Banks and Banking, survey courses in Corporations, Partnership, 
Agency, Negotiable Instruments, Bailments. Carriers, and related 
business subjects. It will be found of great benefit to those begin- 
ning the study of law, as it will be an addition to the regular course, 
and will enable the student to spend the summer pleasantly and 
profitably. The course will begin Monday, June 5, 1939. 

This course is designed to benefit especially five classes of stu- 
dents : 

1st. Those desiring to review. 

2nd. Those desiring to prepare to take a regular course in law. 

3rd. Those desiring to obtain a knowledge of law as part of a 
liberal education. 

4th. Teachers who have time to study law only during the 

5th. Those desiring to obtain a knowledge of law for use in 
business other than the practice of law. 

The summer course is especially valuable to the beginner as an 
experiment to enable him to determine whether to follow the law 
as a profession. If he decides not to be a lawyer, he mav drop the 
law at the end of eight weeks, with a valuable fund of legal informa- 
tion and with the loss of but little time and money; otherwise, he 
can proceed to take the regular course. 

Tuition for summer course $40.00 

University fee 5.00 

The summer course will begin the fir^i Monday in June, and 
continue eight weeks. It should be of especial interest to teachers, 
as it can be taken by them without interfering with their profes- 
sional labors, and to bankers and bank euiployces, who may take 
the course in the summer, when second duties are least confining. 

For further information relating to the Law School, address 


Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee. 

18 Cumberland University Bulletin 


January, 1934 

Allen.fCecil H 718 S. Laurel, Royal Oak. Mich. 

Armstrong, Harry L Lebanon, Term. 

Berridge, Helen M 622 S. W. St., Royal Oak, Mich. 

Boone, Jarrett P 707 Ingraham Bldg., Miami, Fla. 

Branstetter, William Eli Wartburg , Tenn. 

Brazelton, Jack 907 Conroy Road, Birmingham, Ala. 

Breedlove, W. Cornelius 1525 E. Douglas Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Bruce, Alvin C 1 12 5th Ave., N. W., Ardmore, Okla. 

Brussels, Charles B 1014 N. Dewey St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

CaldweU, John Jetton Polk Apts., Nashville, Tenn. 

Calhoun, James Edwin Belmont Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. 

Carr, John Francis 611 S. Fremont Ave., Springfield, Mo. 

Carr, William Skeen 203 Second St., Fulton, Ky. 

Chipman, Jesse Guy 406 W. Mulberry St., Denton, Texas 

Cordonnier, Harold James S. Garrison Ave., Carthage, Mo. 

Covington, James E Donelson, Tenn. 

Cross, Lester S Caldwell, Texas 

Cummings, Joe Brown McMinnville, Tenn. 

Dodge, Clifton Earl ' Hattiesburg, Miss. 

Drake, James Porter, Jr 2468 S. W. 7th St., Miami, Fla. 

Dyer, Robert Frederic Enid, Okla. 

Farmer, Wade Harris Pikeville, Tenn. 

Fleming, John Calvin, Jr CuUeoka, Tenn. 

Garland, Lawrence 197 Campbell St., Jackson, Tenn. 

Glass, Herschel P Randolph, Ky. 

Graham, Andrew J Lebanon, Tenn. 

Graham, George Malcolm Olivia, N. C. 

Hamilton, Cecile Claude Holdenville, Okla. 

Hannah, James Howard 747 S. Kickapoo Ave., Springfield, Mo. 

Harris, Willie Washington, Ark. 

Head, Roderick Holliday Cottondale, Fla. 

Jackson, George imBS^ J. 1/^.kUh^. . .2 Vanderbilt Campus, Nashville, Tenn. 

Jackson, Willoughby P Columbia, Tenn. 

Johnson, Dan L., Jr Wewoka, Okla. 

Keefe, Rudyard Thomas 675 Main St., Oskosh, Wise. 

Lambert, Harvey J Antlers, Okla. 

Leonard, Dwight Beaver, Okla. 

Lipscomb, Harold Jefferson 325 Berkeley St., Charleston, W. Va. 

McPeake, John James Phillips Tuscumbia, Ala. 

Meriwether, Ruth Rebecca 230 W. Poplar St., Jackson, Tenn. 

Miher, Kenneth Clarence Tyler, Texas 

Monroe, Irby Maynardsville, Tenn. 

Murphy, James Weeks 81 Ervine Place, New York, N. Y. 

Paschall, Walter B 923 W. 19th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Raugh, William Lauderman 1355 Hunter Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Sayers, Edwin A., Jr Hillsboro Road, Nashville, Tenn. 

Shea, William Stiles Hamilton Hotel, St. Louis, Mo. 

Speiser, Edward William Salisbury, Mo. 

Stevens, Robert W 204 Green St., Fayetteville, Tenn. 

Sweeney, Clarence H Thomas, Okla. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 19 

Tarkenton, Ernest W 1419 14th St., Wichita Falls, Texas 

Thompson, Tom Price Hartsville, Tenn. 

Tippins, Julia Brewton, Ala. 

Torbitt, T. J 902 Windsor Ave., Bristol, Tenn 

Ward, Charles Wilson 2126 Broadway, Ft. Myers, Fla. 

Webb, Major Glenn Christiana, Tenn. 

Weeks, B. O Bethel Springs, Tenn. 

White, James Arnold McComb, Miss. 

Williams, Alonzo Lebanon, Tenn. 


May, 1934 

Aaron, David B., Jr 123 7th Ave., S., Nashville, Tenn. 

Adams, Samuel H 822 Macy St., West Palm Beach, Fla . 

Agent, William S Sallisaw, Okla. 

Allen, Joe Banner 714 West "G" St., EHzabethton, Tenn. 

Anderson, Adolph M Danevang, Texas 

Anderson, Garland Draper Gainesboro, Tenn. 

Anderson, Joe Edens Corsicana, Texas 

Anderson, Sarah Van Lebanon, Tenn. 

Ashley, Houston C Hombeak, Tenn. 

Bailey, Temple H 621 E. Live Oak, Altus, Okla. 

Barnes, Lewis R 522 W. 2nd St., Walnut Ridge, Ark. 

Bates, Douglas Thompson, Jr Centerville, Tenn. 

Beasley, Thomas DeKalb DeFuniak Springs, Fla. 

Beible, Andrew Elmer, Jr 1940 Fulton St., Harrisburg, Penna. 

Berson, William McHardy Brownsville, Tenn. 

Bestic, Mildred D 327 Dayton St., Muskogee, Okla. 

Bobrow, Robert Lebanon, Tenn. 

Bonavita, Jerry R 96 Meckel St., Belleville, N. J. 

Bradermann, Merwin Weldon Lebanon, Tenn. 

Brady, Thomas Ray Sparta, Tenn. 

Burke, Beulah R Elkhart, Ind. 

Burke, Jerome Kermit 191 1 E. Jackson, Elkhart, Ind. 

Butler, Howard F 508 S. 1 1th St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Callaghan, Lynch B Washington, La. 

Caplinger, Don S Harrisburg, Ark. 

Cargill, O. A., Jr 3233 W. 19th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Carr, Julian Gray 1104 Biscayne Bldg., Miami, Fla. 

Carter, Stuart B Roanoke, Va. 

Casey, Dudley English 3812 Central Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Casey, Walker Nashville, Tenn. 

Catlett, Ben S Jefferson City, Tenn. 

Chambers, Ellen Lebanon, Tenn. 

Chapman, Joseph N Sulphcr .Springs, Texas 

Clarke, David Pinkney Brownsville, Tenn, 

Clement, Robert vSamuel Dickson, Tenn. 

Cleveland, Vance Harry LaGrange, Ga. 

Cole, Harold S Oakland, Calif. 

Collins, Joe William, Jr Stockton, Mo. 

20 Cumberland University Bulletin 

Conatser, James Ciifton 916 W. Sears St., Denison, Texas 

Council, Paul James Clarksville, Tenn. 

Counts, Albert Henry, Jr Red Boilmg Springs, Tenn. 

Couric, William Preston Eufaula, Ala. 

Cosnahan, Ernest Eugene, Jr Aberdeen, Miss. 

Crider, Graydon C Huntingdon, Tenn. 

Crisp, James Andrew. Trenton, Tenn. 

Crow, Hale B Charlotte, Tenn. 

Crow, James Petty Hominy, Okla. 

Crowell, James Foster Raymondville, Texas 

Culver, Everett L Kilgore, Texas 

Cummins, David Lipscomb, Jr Haskell, Texas 

Damron, Oval D Hamlin, W. Va. 

Davidson, Henry G Bristow, Okla. 

Davis, Ben Clay Watertown, Tenn. 

Davis, J. C, Jr Rule, Texas 

DeBrule, Willie B Caroleen, N. C. 

Decker, Charles Francis Alto, Texas 

Dietz, Harry West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Dismukes, Logan 1653 Wildwood Drive, Columbus, Ga. 

Dougherty, Robert E 212 Nottingham Blvd., West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Dudley, R. M., Ill 1608 Franklin Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Duke, Kenneth B 212 James Robertson Hotel, Nashville, Tenn. 

Engelbach, Robert George Greenville, Pa. 

Evans, H. B Decaturville, Tenn. 

Evins, Joe Landon Smithville, Tenn. 

Fain, Clem F., Jr Livingston, Texas 

Faucett, Joseph Arnold Big Springs, Texas 

Faulkner, Hastings McNair Claremore, Okla. 

Feldman, L. Milton 2219 Leslie Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Fisher, T. D., Jr 802 S. Orleans Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Fitzsimmons, Frank Porter Marianna, Ark. 

Foshee, Samuel S Brewton, Ala. 

Fox, Robert Lloyd Lebanon, Tenn. 

Fraley, Andrew Ponca City, Okla. 

Francis, Zed S., Jr 167 E. Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Frieder, Sidney 285 E. 174th St., New York, N. Y. 

Fulghum, James Thomas, Jr 1815 State St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Garbett, William Evans Grand Junction, Colo. 

Garrett, Albert H Del Rio, Texas 

Gibson, E. D 213 S. E. Moore St., Ardmore, Okla. 

Gillem, Sam A 2513 Barton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Goldman, Harry Jay Cookeville, Tenn. 

Goldstein, Isadore E Wilmington, N. C. 

Gotcher, Paul Warren McAlester, Okla. 

Graham, Nelda E Corinth, Miss. 

Grant, Raymond Russell 42 French Ave., Winchester, Ky. 

Green, Oliver Dean 1 16 E. 36th St. Kansas City, Mo. 

Hagan, Willard Lebanon, Tenn. 

Haley, Archibald McDonnell 1310 N. State St., Jackson, Miss. 

Hall, Beverly Scott 1807 Houston St., Laredo, Texas 

Hall, John Murray 11 Northwood, Jackson, Tenn. 

Hall, J. R Littlefield, Texas 

Hammett, Aubrey R., Jr Jefferson City, Mo. 

Cumberland UNivERSiry Bxjlletin 21 

Hannings, Luke Lea Martin, Tenn. 

Harper, Joseph E Crawfordsville, Fla. 

Harralson, George Grayson, Jr 405 W. Main St., Princeton, Ky. 

Harris, Atlee Memphis, Tenn. 

Harrison, Samuel Lowrie Groesbeck, Texas 

Haselwood, J. Robert Bardwell, Ky. 

Hays, Albert Hamlin 609 Church St., Hannibal, Mo. 

Heglar, Robert Pilcher St. John, Wash. 

Henderson, Charles B Fulton, Ky. 

Henley, Fred Louis Caruthersville, Mo. 

Hennessy, J. Patrick 327 Orgo Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Hickman, Julian Kenneth Hot Springs, Va. 

Hicko.x, Frank F 540 Lancaster, Memphis, Tenn. 

Holton, Alfred Eugene Winston-Salem, N. C. 

House, John T 5 Lookout Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Humes, Otis Lee 126 E. Dewey, Sapulpa, Okla. 

Hunter, Eugene B 1406 Madrid St., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Huson, Hobart 633 W. Hollywood Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Huson, Hobart, Jr 633 W. Hollywood Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Isbell, Joseph Russell 3209 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 

Johnson, Louis, Jr Cookeville, Tenn. 

Johnson, Sam Houston San Marcos, Texas 

Jordon, Guy Edward Coward, S. C. 

Jourolmon, Courtland Knoxville, Tenn. 

Kennedy, Elco Scotts Hill, Tenn. 

Kerr, Orville Frederick 803 University Ave., Springfield, Mo. 

Lackey, Joseph L 2904 Gallatin Road, Nashville, Tenn. 

Lamb, W. B., HI Fayetteville, Tenn. 

Lamberth, James Broughton Alexander City, Ala. 

Langford, Hurley 808 N. 12th Ave., Pensacola, Fla. 

Little, Charles 636 Union St., Hannibal, Mo. 

Little, Jack Nelson, Jr 3513 Purdue Ave., Dallas, Texas 

Livermore, William O Altus, Okla. 

Lutin, Joseph J 712 Union St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Lynch, John H., Jr Franklin, Tenn. 

Macom, Arthur R Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Maloney, June Elizabeth McMinnville, Tenn. 

Manheim, Jack F 2210 Patterson St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Mashburn, Winifred G Lindsay, Okla. 

Massie, Edwin B., Jr 711 Coleman St., Corpus Christi, Texas 

Matherly, Harvey George Olive, Okla. 

Matthew, David Edward .Evansville, Ind. 

Matthews, Henry T., Jr 402 E. Evergreen, San Antonio, Texas 

Maxwell, J. Basil Troy, Tenn. 

Mayficld, Earle Bradford, Jr Tyler, Texas 

Maynor, William Ward 3717 Cliff Road, Birmingham, Ala. 

Mikel, Lyman Lycurgus Fort Smith, Ark. 

Miley, Franklin Richard Lebanon, Tenn. 

Molinar, Catalina De Sena Tucumcari, New Mexico 

Moore, Edward Clayton, Jr 218 N. 6th St., Wilmington, N. C. 

Moser, J. Albert Cottage Grove, Tenn. 

Mulitr, Milton Brazos Hotel, Preston Ave., Houston, Texas 

Murray, John L Trezevant, Tenn. 

McAdams, Joe Lloyd Belfast, Tenn. 

22 Cumberland University Bulletin 

McCord, Malcolm M 801 N. Broad St., Rome, Ga. 

McCullough, William Edward Newbem, Tenn. 

McGee, E. K 5560 Pershing St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Nailing, Sam Union City, Tenn. 

Newson, Robert Curtis 3002 Dudley Ave., NashviUe, Tenn. 

Noble, AUetha Bradley Kennett, Mo. 

Noble, John W Kennett, Mo. 

O'Grady, Charles Declan Foley, Fla. 

Olsen, Grant C Kermit, Texas 

Owen, Roland F Bessemer, Ala. 

Passons, Lester M McMinnville, Tenn. 

Patterson, Amelia Sallisa, Okla. 

Patterson, Ham Memphis, Tenn. 

Patton, Thomas W S. Liberty, Jackson, Tenn. 

Perdue, Carlton L Minter, Ala. 

Pickens, Edwin LaFayette 1327 Indianapolis, Tulsa, Okla. 

Poston, Howard R Kingsport, Tenn. 

Potter, Milo Huntsville, Tenn. 

Power, J. W., Jr Decherd, Tenn. 

Prince, John C Benton, Tenn. 

Prince, Ralph S Electra, Texas 

Revelle, Lloyd Edward Advance, Mo. 

Rhodes, Wesley E Bruceton, Tenn. 

Rose, Ernie Newbum, Tenn. 

Rowles, Russell R 2420 McGregor Way, Houston, Texas 

Rubens, Edward Jerome 1002 18th Ave., S., Nashville, Tenn. 

Rucker, John Richardson Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Rtunbley, Gordon W., Jr Glade Springs, Va. 

Russell, Rosa Cox Pensacola, Fla. 

Ryan, J. B Section, Ala. 

Sanford, Lynn 3105 Whitton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Scott, Theodore Glenn Buffalo, Mo. 

Searcy, Tyson Morey 231 W. Agarita Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Sewell, Vernon Hodgson Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada 

Short, Mrs. Ruth Morris Oakdale, Tenn. 

Sinclair, Marvin Joseph BoonviUe, Mo. 

Sisk, Martin J., Jr 1908 South St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Slaughter, Charles Hubard Lebanon, Tenn. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Slaughter, Evelyn Meech Lebanon, Tenn. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Smith, William Melville, II Hondo, Texas 

Sparks, LUbert Otis, Jr 612 N. W. 33rd St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Speegle, Arthur A 209 E. Palestine Ave., Palestine, Texas 

Speer, Clayton W Nashville, Tenn. 

Stegner, John J BoonviUe, Mo. 

Stoabs, J. Fred, Jr Bamsdall, Okla. 

Suarez, Mary 2806 Nebraska, Tampa, Fla. 

Sugg, Thomas Day, Jr Fayetteville, Tenn. 

Tate, Edward Rains Giddings, Texas 

Taylor, James Fleming, Jr Lisbon Ave. and Prospect Road, Tampa, Fla. 

Taylor, Jimmie Lee 506 High St., Huntingdon, Tenn. 

Taylor, William Wallace Comers Rock, Va. 

Thacker, Edward C Fredericksburg, Va. 

Thomas, Lafayette Eherle Longview, Texas 

Thompson, Richard Leslie A. .. . 1814 S. Ridgeley Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 23 

Tilghman, Max E Kenton, Tenn. 

Trimble, Barrell 320 N. W. 9th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Turner, E. R., Jr 1910 15th Ave., S., Nashville, Tenn. 

Vance, John Turner, Jr Refugio, Texas 

Wagoner, Kenneth Price 1600 Travis St., Wichita Falls, Texas 

Walker, Henry Elias Athens, Tenn. 

Walling, A. Winton McMinnville, Tenn. 

Ward, Jack C AbbevUle, Ala. 

Warmath, James Franklin Humboldt, Tenn. 

Watts, Charles Boillin Clarksville, Tenn. 

Webb, Allen Glover Selma, Ala. 

Weems, Milton Bancroft EUisville, Miss. 

Wharton, Robert Hewitt, Jr 431 1 Clairmont, Birmingham, Ala. 

White, William M., Jr 1309 10th St., Corpus Christi, Texas 

Wiggin, Rose Lintott 11 Prospect St., Nashua, N. H. 

Wilkins, Gaylord L Louisiana, Mo. 

Williams, Anne Elizabeth White BlufF, Tenn. 

Winter, George B Berrien Springs, Mich. 

Wise, Joe Dothan, Ala. 

Woodall, Ramon Alonzo, Jr Hamlin, W. Va. 

Yonkin, John Lorenzo 1603 Matamoros, Laredo, Texas 


January, 1935 

Adams, Thomas B Weir, Miss. 

Alison, James Hampton, Jr 814 Rosemere Rd., Tampa, Fla. 

Bassett, William Kerr Providence, Ky. 

Beck, Gerald Crawford 1617 Linwood Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Bradley, Leland D Millersburg, Ky. 

Brown, H. Eugene Megargel, Texas 

Davis, Benjamin Cummings Pinetops, N. C. 

Dazey, William B 1 133 Oak Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Fountain, Joseph Emerson Tarboro, N. C. 

Frazier, A. B Camden, Tenn. 

Futch, Harold Farmersville, La. 

Griswold, John Ibson Tyron, Okla. 

Hardiman, W. H Pulaski, Tenn. 

Ingle, Homer James 409 First St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Lee, Edward W 3501 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. 

Ligon, Joe P Jamestown, Tenn. 

Lyon, Joseph Wm Quitaque, Texas 

Meaney, William Francis 17 Salem St., Springfield, Mass. 

Medley, Beverly M Buffalo Valley, Tenn. 

Perry, Hubert Tazewell, Va. 

Pritchard, Hile Albany, Ky. 

Savage, Eugene B., Jr Hammon, Okla. 

Tilley, Vance Lebanon, Tenn. 

Turner, Joe W Electra, Texas 

Walker, Wayne T 520 E. Dclmar, Springfield, Mo. 

Wardlaw, Ariel 1937 Chatbourn Ct., Ft. Worth, Texas 

Watkins, Robert B 315 Montrose Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Windsor, Richard G Canyon, Texas 

24 Cumberland University Bulletin 


June, 1935 

Baker, Frank M Providence, Ky. 

Ballenger, Woodfin R Seneca, S. C. 

Barr, Irving Drake 1310 Ashwood Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Bass, Robert V Lebanon, Tenn. 

Bateman, Richard Fritz 721 Boscobel St., NashviUe, Tenn. 

Bean, Jack Starr, Jr Kilgore, Texas 

Bennett, Sidney A Brownsville, Texas 

Bemreuter, Raymond G Kosciusko, Miss. 

Berry, Tyler, Jr Franklin, Tenn. 

Bollinger, John E West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Botts, Harry Fort Myers, Fla. 

Bowers, Stephen 5306 Pennsylvania Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Bowles, Bowlman Tarleton 104 Ridgeside Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Bowman, Charles Henry Haleyville, Ala. 

Bruer, John Thomas 2017 Terrace Place, Nashville, Tenn. 

Burleson, Murray Verdery 1705 Oakdale, Houston, Texas 

Camp, Lucius H Sparta, Tenn. 

Cannon, Henry Gibbon 2034 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Garden, James P Manchester, Tenn. 

Carruthers, Albert 143 N. Belvedere, Memphis, Tenn. 

Castleberry, Richard J. T Gladewater, Texas 

Charlton, E- Dorris, Jr 2015 20th Ave., So., Nashville, Tenn. 

Cobb, John B., Jr 1605 Shelby St., NashvUle, Tenn. 

Connor, Ravil Jefferson 1 1 10 Amelia St., New Orleans, La. 

Corn, A. D., Jr '. Valdosta, Ga. 

Coulson, Glen Ragan Clinton, Okla. 

Coulson, Louis T., Jr Clinton, Okla. 

Cowan, Stanley Livingston, Jr 3002 Fairview, Dallas, Texas 

Cox, Gumey Glenn 2836 E. 10th, Tulsa, Okla. 

Cox, Joe M Laurinburg, N. C. 

Ctmningham, James C Clarksville, Tenn. 

DfeFord, Marvin Baker Savannah, Tenn. 

Dickinson, Jack Mason Coolidge, Texas 

Edwards, Harry A Mountain View, Mo. 

Ethridge, William E Etowah, Tenn. 

Farr, Paul H Itta-Bena, Miss. 

Finch, J. D luka. Miss. 

Fountain, George M., Jr 1208 N. Main St., Tarboro, N. C. 

Frame, Paul S Ardmore, Okla. 

Francisco vich, Joseph Z 482 Arlington St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Fryer, George L., Jr Paris, Tenn. 

Fulghum, William P 1815 State St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Gaston, Albert Sidney 116 Bush Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Gee, Newman 222 E. Linden Ave., Logansport, Ind. 

Gholson, Virginia Clarksville, Tenn. 

Gibson, Blair T Bristol, Tenn. 

Gilliam, Jack Clifford Tishomingo, Okla. 

Gossett, Henry O., Jr Longview, Texas 

Graff, Thomas W 902 Felder Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Graham, Donald Edward Independence, Kansas 

Cumberland University Bulletin 25 

Hamil, G. H., Jr Childress, Texas 

Hamilton, James Amos, II 1303 Woodland St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Hardin, Joe G Hillsboro, Ala. 

Harrison, Alton F Seymour, Texas 

Heath, James E Gulls Gap, Tenn. 

Hicks, Thomas Jackson Jackson, Tenn. 

Higginbotham, Albert Sidney, Jr TazeweU, Va. 

Hill, Joseph William Pelham, Ga. 

Hilliard, Luke Lea Dresden, Tenn. 

HoUey, J. Richard Maud, Okla. 

Houk, Howard F Clovis, N. M. 

Hubbard, Allan B Princeton, Ky. 

Ison, Lonnie B Mangnm, Okla. 

Jackson, Daniel Baxter 246 N. Drive, San Antonio, Texas 

Jackson, Richard B Shelbyville, Tenn. 

Johnson, William Herman Athens, Ala. 

Johnson, William Lloyd 507 McLemore St., Brownsville, Tenn. 

Jones, Borden Callaway 314 Douglas St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Jones, James A 826 N. 3rd Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Jones, Osceola Gordon, Jr 1419 Gartland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Jones, Ransom P Waynesboro, Mo. 

Jordan, Frederick H., Jr Purvis, Miss. 

Karraker, D. Franklin 102 Portland Terrace, Webster Grove, Mo. 

Kennard, Young E Olive Hill, Ky. 

Kittrell, Jack Buster Ill Hillsdale Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Lewis, Raymond J Las Vegas, Nev. 

Lynne, Russell Wilson 720 Ferry St., Decatur, Ala. 

McClellan, Charles B Red Boiling Springs, Tenn. 

McElwain, William Thompson Big Rapids, Mich. 

Melvin, Woodrow M Milton, Fla. 

Moebes,, John Gregory Decatur, Ala. 

Mooshian, Charles 9 Bicknell Terrace, Lawrence, Mass. 

Morgan, James Howard Pecan Gap, Texas 

Noone, Roger W Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Osborne, Francis Stewart 226 8th St., Miami Beach, Fla. 

Owens, Gara Howard Pawhuska, Okla. 

Parks, Preston Somerville, Tenn. 

Pechin, Richard S Buchanan, Va. 

Pitt, Phineas Orval Ashland City, Tenn. 

Pitts, J. Hampton Glen Alpine, N. C. 

Pool, George G Austin, Texas 

Porter. John W., Jr 525 S. 14th St., Muskogee, Okla. 

Rea, Mable Castleberry Olton, Texas 

Regan, John B., Jr St. Paul's, N. C. 

Richardson, Charles M Fayetteville, Tenn. 

Riley, Howard H Jefferson City, Mo. 

Rolston, Morris Mt, Pleasant, Texas 

Rousseau, Lovell H Lebanon, Tenn. 

Scott, John Anthony Ft. Worth, Texas 

Scoggins, Jefferson Hughes, Jr Center, Ala. 

Shryer, G. Patton Allison, New Mexico 

Smith, Sherman H., Jr Vero Beach, Fla. 

Spearman, J. C Tremont, Miss. 

Sullivan, James Lawrence, Jr 811 Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

26 Cumberland University Bulletin 

Swan, James H Greeneville, Tenn. 

Taylor, Andrew Tip, Jr Jackson, Tenn. 

Tomkins, John Randolph Augustus Gallatin, Tenn. 

Veros, Charles E-, Jr 1401 Kemp Blvd., Wichita Falls, Texas 

Vineyard, Jesse M 350 N. Bellevue, Memphis, Tenn. 

Vining, Thomas Eudora, Ark. 

Wallace, Robert C Sparta, Tenn. 

West, Wilspn W 2120 Carlton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Wood, Genn 624 Callahan, Muskogee, Okla. 

Woodall, A. Jackson Huntsville, Ala. 

Woolard, George Ogle Lebanon, Tenn. 


June, 1935 

Dinning, Forrest Adair Franklin, Ky . 

Dudley, Robert Matthews, III 1608 Franklin Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Fox, Robert Lloyd Upland, Calif. 

Gillem, Sam A 2513 Barton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Grant, Raymond Russell Winchester, Ky. 

Jackson, George P., Jr Nashville, Tenn. 

Mashbum, Winnifred G Lindsay, Okla. 

Moore, Edward Clayton, Jr Wilmington, N. C. 

Ramsey, Gordon Lebanon, Tenn. 

Slaughter, Evelyn Meech Lebanon, Tenn. 

Slaughter, Charles H Lebanon, Tenn. 

Turner, E. R., Jr 1910 15th St., Nashville, Tenn. 


Baker, Mildred E Kerrville, Texas 

Biggs, Roy A Nashville, Tenn. 

Crisp, James A Trenton, Tenn. 

Dickinson, Jack M Coolidge, Texas 

Evans, James B Delray Beach, Fla. 

Fawcett, Lee Baker Del Rio, Texas 

Fowler, Fred K Douglas, Wyo. 

Halbert, Grady Foard City, Texas 

Home, Winnie Ft. Smith, Ark. 

Langley, W. B Little Rock, Ark. 

Larbelese, Irma Antico, Wis. 

Oswalt, Bob Crowell, Texas 

Riley, James I Hamilton, Texas 

January, 1936 

Alaniz, Nago L Beeville, Texas 

Allen, Grayson C Lebanon, Tenn. 

Amonett, Frank C Buffalo Valley, Tenn. 

Chapman, Willard King Henderson, Texas 

Cumberland University Bulletin 27 

Clark, James O luka, Miss. 

Copeland, Clay A Dexter, Ky. 

Dyer, Richard Nashville, Tenn. 

Evans, Thomas Lynnville, Tenn. 

Gibbs, Reagan Padgett Madisonville, Texas 

Golden, Francis X Appalachia, Va. 

Harris, William T Tyler, Texas 

Hitch, Chet Akron, Ohio 

Holder, Alex Martin McMinnville, Tenn. 

Khomy, Kale C Drumright, Okla. 

Kivett, John Kyle Tazewell, Tenn. 

Kralovec, Otto John, Jr Chicago, 111. 

Lytton, Lee H., Jr Ft. Worth, Texas 

McGarry , Jack Stanley Overton, Texas 

Martin, S. Du Val, Jr Lynchburg, Va. 

Nichols, Horace Elmore Gainesville, Ga. 

Page, Elmore Adelbert Sand Springs, Okla. 

Peebles, Martin Arnold Columbia, Tenn. 

Powell, Robert Hamilton, Jr Canton, Miss. 

Russell, Clarence K Speedwell, Tenn. 

Skaggs, A. G Deport, Texas 

Smith, Harry E Bill Vernon, Penna. 

Tonsmeire, Edward Charles Biloxi, Miss. 

Torian, Thomas Wilson Goliad, Texas 

Vamado, La Verne McComb, Miss. 

Weller, Wm. A., Jr Nashville, Tenn. 

Wright, H. Theodore Lebanon, Tenn. 


June, 1936 

Adams, Winston Morris La Grange, N. C. 

Allen, James Anthony Kellogg, Idaho 

Allen, Malcolm O., Jr Newport, Tenn. 

Avery, Charles N., Jr 1106 Colorado St., Austin, Texas 

Baddley, Thomas Edmund Clarksville, Tenn. 

Barjenbruch, Boyd Wellington, Texas 

Bass, R. Leon Wallace, Va. 

Biggs, Roy A Andrew Jackson Hotel, Nashville, Tenn. 

Blair, Paul LeRoy Clarindo, Iowa 

Blume, Paul Roland Springfield, Mo. 

Boone, Knapp E 1002 33rd St., Des Moines, Iowa 

Bomar, James L., Jr TuUahoma, Tenn. 

Brennan, John P McGregor, Texas 

Britt, George Thomas 933 North St., Jackson, Miss. 

Brown, Aaron Paris, Tenn. 

Brown, Fred Nat Jasper, Tenn. 

Browning, S. Stephen Independence, Va. 

Burt, Oliver Clarence Rt. 159A, El Paso, Texas 

Bush, Millard Mundell 1465 North West St., Jackson, Miss. 

Callahan, Arthur Francis 11 05 No. 6th, Ft. Smith, Ark. 

Camp, Thomas L 11 03 National Bank & Com., San Antonio, Texas 

28 CuMBERivAND University Bulletin 

Castleberry, G. Leo Gladewater, Texas 

Cavert, Tillman, Jr 3720 Harding Road, Nashville, Tenn. 

Clark, John Stephens 630 Sergeant Ave., Joplin, Mo. 

Clem, James Nelson 4125 Junius, Dallas, Texas 

Clifton, Drew S 4613 Washburn Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas 

Cotton, Ray Alva, Okla. 

Criswell, T. O., Jr 716 North Park St., Semmole, Okla. 

Crowder, John Martin Pulaski, Va. 

Davis, Furniss Cleveland Angleton, Texas 

Davis, ^George B., Jr 934 Sorolla Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Davis, W. H., Jr Georgetown, Texas 

Dodd, Albert Sydney, Jr 7 Ninth Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Dodd, Dullin Doyle 903 Erie St., Shreveport, La. 

Duke, James Payton Hindman, Ky. 

Edmonds, Henry 914 New Merchants Bank, Jackson, Miss. 

Elkins, Joe McMinnville, Tenn. 

EUedge, Fred, Jr Woodbury, Tenn. 

Everhart, George S Macatawa, Mich. 

Everhart, LuSyl Penna Macatawa, Mich. 

Farr, Grayal L Wauchula, Fla. 

Farrell, Herbert D Clinton, Miss. 

Fawcett, Lee B Del Rio, Texas 

Flatt, Wesley P Cookeville, Tenn. 

Folmar, Frank Pierce, Jr 1865 Old Government St. Mobile, Ala. 

Fudge, David Robert 1208 N. Phillips, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Gamer, James O Pulaski, Tenn. 

Glyckherr, Oland A 1506 W. Oklahoma, Enid, Okla. 

Godlett, Robert Donald 911 Shelby Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Goodlett, Robert Gold 821 13th St., S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Gor^ch, Kenneth W Joplin, Mo. 

Green, John Little St. Louis, Okla. 

Grigsby, Clyde E Hartford, Ark. 

Grimm, James F Houston, Mo. 

Guerra, DeUa Margaine 1611 Smith- Young Tower, San Antonio, Texas 

Halbert, Grady Foard City, Texas 

Hancock, Frances Adams Pittsburg, Texas 

Hancock, William C Pittsburg, Texas 

Hathom, James Hoy Louisville, Miss. 

Hayes, Charles B., Jr Monterey, Tenn. 

Heist, Robert Brannen 708 N. Dickinson, Memphis, Tenn. 

Hickman, Roger Lockridge Arkadelphia, Ark. 

Hinson, Henry H., Jr 1617 14th St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Holland, H. Galiver St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Horn, Stanley F., Jr Golf Club Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 

Hudgins, Paul G 919 E. Exchange St., Union City, Tenn. 

Hudson, Lewis Carrol Sabinal, Texas 

Hughes, Harry T Hobbs, New Mexico 

Kiser, Charles Ted Roaring Fork, Va. 

Kyle, J. M., Jr Carthage, Texas 

LaBenge, Andree 3700 Warwick Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Lane Cliff Laurafield Ranch, Dilley, Texas 

Laswell, Wilfred E Atoka, Okla. 

Ledin, Einer Julius Mason, Wis. 

Ledin, Robert Nelson Mason, Wis. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 29 

Mangum, Preston P 425 W. 12th St., Dallas, Texas 

Marquez, Florencio G 1600 Sandejas St., Manila, Philippine, Isl. 

Matthews, Trueman P 505 "N" St., West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Melberg, Robert L Crystal City, Texas 

Miller, Edwin A Athens, Texas 

Miller, William S 1587 E. Colo. St., Pasadena, Calif. 

Mohiar, Henry G 4138 N. CuUerton St., Chicago, 111. 

Monk, Ellis H Van Horn, Texas 

Morgan, Herbert L Holdenville, Okla. 

Morris, O'Neal Henderson, Texas 

Morris, William B Box 45, Greensboro, La. 

Murry, W. V Spearman, Texas 

Myer, Lawrence G Philippi, W. Va. 

Myers, William Thomas 859 Vine St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

McClary, J. L., Jr Cleveland, Tenn. 

McCluen, Lloyd G., Jr Rockwood, Tenn. 

McCooe, David Jefferson 3613 State St. Dr., New Orleans, La. 

McCracken, Gilbert G., Jr 700 Coleman Ave., Athens, Ala. 

Mcllwain, Willard Lee Batesville, Miss. 

McKenzie, Oliver Wendell Dayton, Tenn. 

McLendon, John C Cottonton, Ala. 

Nichols, Maurice H 141 McCorry Ave., Jackson, Tenn. 

Northcutt, Penrod Salem, Ark. 

Nowlin, Robert C 523 Hightower Bldg., Okla. City, Okla. 

Oswalt, Robert D Crowell, Texas 

Page, Edward Harrison 707 Hope St., Providence, R. I. 

Parker, Joseph Daniel Moultrie, Ga. 

Patterson, Robert R., Jr P. O. Drawer 44, Waco, Texas 

Payne, James William Bardwell, Ky. 

Pharr, E. G Cooper, Texas 

Phillips, Carl E Cartersville, Ga. 

Phillips, Charles M Box 46, Bullard, Texas 

Porter, Dudley, Jr Paris, Tenn. 

Prestwood, James Morgan Andalusia, Ala. 

Pyle, Luther Arnold Pontotoc, Miss. 

Raines, Henry Hill Gadsden, Tenn. 

Rivers, Delmar N Ridgeland, S. C. 

Riley, James T Hamilton, Texas 

Sanders, Henry A 701 N. Adams St., Elk City, Okla. 

Scarborough, Lee M Robeline, La. 

Scott, Lillian Campbell 208 S. Dartmouth, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Smith, Mayde Mineral Wells, Texas 

Springer, James M., Jr Stillwater, Okla. 

Stallworth, James P., Jr Canoe, Ala. 

Steed, Amzy Blanton Etowah, Tenn. 

Strong, R. B., Jr Arapaho. Okla. 

Tamburo, Thomas Anthony 206 N. Theobald St., Greenville, Miss. 

Taylor, Dan vScott 1071 Poplar, Memphis, Tenn. 

Taylor, Zack D Wichita Falls, Texas 

Troell, Joye Herwarth Pleasanton, Texas 

Turner, Alonzo Howard 1500 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa, Fla. 

Vickers, Pittman Douglas, Ga. 

Waggencr, Andrew B Memphis, Tenn. 

Warren, James H Fulton, Ky . 

30 Cumberland University Bulletin 

Warren Sebert C Anderson, Mo. 

Warren, William Hayford Holdenville, Okla. 

White, Thomas Bruce, Jr La Tuna, Texas 

Wilkerson, William G 3615 Campus Blvd., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Willis, John William Greenville, Ky. 

Wilson, Eleanor Orange, Texas 

Woodley, Jack Sabinal, Texas 

Young, Donald C 211 So. First St., Arkansas City, Kansas 

Spring Term, 1936 

Bass, Robert V Lebanon, Tenn. 

Barr, Irving Nashville, Term. 

Bennett, Sidney A Brownsville, Texas 

Biggs, Roy A Nashville, Tenn. 

Bowles, Tarleton Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Cimningham, James C Clarksville, Tenn. 

Dyer, Richard Nashville, Tenn. 

Evans, Thomas M Lynnville, Tenn. 

Graff, Tom W Montgomery, Ala. 

Hardin, Joe G Hillsboro, Ala. 

Heath, James E Bulls Gap, Tenn. 

Holder, Alex McMinnville, Tenn. 

Jones, Gordon Nashville, Tenn. 

Johnson, Herman Athens, Ala. 

Johnson, W. L Brownsville, Tenn. 

Karraker, D. F Webster Groves, Mo. 

Noone, Roger Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Pitt, Phineas O Ashland City, Tenn. 

Parks, Preston Summerville, Tenn. 

Russell, Clarence Speedwell, Tenn. 

Taylor, Andrew Tip Jackson, Tenn. 

Taylor, Dan Scott Memphis, Tenn. 

Vineyard, Jesse M Memphis, Tenn. 

West, Wilson Nashville, Tenn. 

Woodall, A. J Huntsville, Ala. 


Belcher, Vernon Brundidge, Ala. 

Elliott, Albert R Tyler, Texas 

Ghiotto, Robert Brooksville, Fla. 

Kreuger, Fritz Mt. Vernon, Ky. 

Merrifield, George Edward, Jr 13705 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Odom, Thetus C. Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Parker, E. D Gainesville, Mo. 

Prall, W. L Louisville, Ky. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 31 


January, 1937 

Ardrey, John White, Jr Fort Mill, S. C. 

Bailey, Robert, Jr Russell, Ark. 

Barby, Otto Carl Knowles, Okla. 

Bass, Roy H., Sr Copperhill, Tenn. 

Beets, Raymond Lamar 1446 W. 31st, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Borum, Thomas Beverly Columbia, Tenn. 

Carnes, Edward Irwin West Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Clopton, Julian Campbell, Jr 110 East 37th, Austin, Texas 

Dnmagel, Fred Floyd Port Arthur, Texas 

Fitzpatrick, Warren Lawrence 14 N. E. St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Gavin, George Jay Santa Monica, Calif. 

Graham, Raymond Jasper, Tenn. 

Henley, Glenn B Kimmins, Tenn. 

Knight, James Crawford El Commodore Hotel, Miami, Fla. 

Kj-euger, Fritz, III Mt. Vernon, Ky. 

Marchant, Kerford Armstrong 314 Riverview Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Mayberry, Thomas Bayard Sparta, Tenn. 

Meyer, Vernon A Lexington, Ky. 

Mize, Joseph Sidney Forest, Miss. 

Moore, Harold Darlington, Fla. 

McDonnell, Howard Andre West Beach, Biloxi, Fla. 

McKinley, William Slagle Buffalo Valley, Tenn. 

Prall, William Lee Roy Puritan Apts., Louisville, Ky. 

Russell, Fred C Speedwell, Tenn. 

Smith, William Jennings Texarkana, Ark. 

Steele, W. T., Jr Centreville, Ala. 

Thompson, Cecil L Lumberton, N. C. 

Trimming, Albert E Pocatello, Idaho 

Williams, Mosby Johnston 513 Avon Rd., Roanoke, Va. 

Wiltz, Thomas J., Jr West Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 


Spring Term, 1937 

Allen, Grayson Lebanon, Tenn. 

Allen, Malcolm Nashville, Tenn. 

Baddley, Thomas E Clarksville, Tenn. 

Beets, Raymond L 1446 W. 31st, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Bomar, James L TuUahoma, Tenn. 

Borum, Thomas Beverly Columbia, Tenn. 

Castlebcrry, Leo Gladewater, Texas 

Cavert, Tillman, Jr 3720 Harding Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 

Garner, James O Pulaski, Tenn. 

Glyckherr, Oland Enid, Okla. 

Holland, H. G St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Kreuger, Fritz, III Mt. Vernon, Ky. 

Myer, Lawrence G Philippi, W. Va. 

Zl Cumberland University Bulletin 

Nichols, Maurice Jackson, Tenn. 

Page, Elmore A Sand Springs, Okla. 

Sanders, Henry A Kingsport, Tenn. 

Willis, John W Greenville, Ky. 


June, 1937 

Abell, Robert H Wharton, Texas 

Adelman, Seymore D 2703 N. Sheridan Rd., Peoria, 111. 

\Alexander, John B 720 Matamoros St., Laredo, Texas 

\A.uld, Fred Girardeau, Jr 1619 Green St., Columbia, S. C. 

\Auld, Thomas Hamlin 1619 Green St., Columbia, S. C. 

Bain, Sam Centerville, Texas 

Bailey, John T 279 W. 10th St.. Fort Worth, Texas 

Baker, Charles L Amarillo, Texas 

Barker, Robert Oakley 131 N. Greenwood St., Lebanon, Tenn. 

Barnes, Raymond E Marianna, Fla. 

Barr, Daniel 1332 Englewood Ave., Dallas, Texas 

Barry, Robert 816 East 20th Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Bates, William Bryan Waldron, Ark. 

Bayless, Lewis Eugene 475 E. Grand St., Springfield, Mo. 

Beck, Manuel Hoyt 420 North Ash, Guthrie, Okla. 

Beeler, H. K 1923 McCalla Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Belcher, John A 737 N. Greenway Dr., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Beliles, Homer 1008 Laurel Ave., Bowling Green, Ky. 

Boter, James D Park Road, Holland, Mich. 

Brackstone, Fernand David 1323 Jackson St., Corinth, Miss. 

Bradberry, Homer W Gleason, Tenn. 

Branch, Hegel L 1 102 Bois D' Arc, Duncan, Okla. 

Bright, Oily Lee 1828 Franklin Ave., Waco. Texas 

Brown, A. M Bristow, Okla. 

Brown, Jeff Gray Centerville, Tenn. 

^Browning, Smitty Lester 1821 10th St., Wichita Falls, Texas 

\ Brownlee, George W Madisonville, Texas 

^Buchanan, W. W 825 Fifth Ave., Laurel, Miss. 

Burt, William E 3614 Ave. H., Fort Worth, Texas 

Bushong, Joe Ed Tompkinsville, Ky. 

Caldwell, James Tyler Louisville, Ky. 

Carr, Hal H Blountville, Tenn. 

Carter, Haskell Triplett Noxapater, Miss. 

Carver, Woodrow Wilson Hendersonville, Tenn. 

"Vchamblee, Newton S Empire, Ala. 

Cheek, Joel Owsley Deer Park Circle, Nashville, Tenn. 

Cody, Fred George 507^ Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Conner, R. E Bay St. Louis, Miss. 

^Crump, Louis M Santa Anna, Texas 

Daugherty, B. K Blossom, Texas 

Davidson, Hubert L Mammoth Springs, Ark. 

•Dawson, Fountain DeWitt Kinston, N. C. 

de Steigner, Thomas Paul 2220 Parkway, Austin, Texas 

Dittmar, John Howard 238 Army Blvd., San Antonio, Texas 

Downs, Charles T Alamo, Texas 

Cumberland University Bulletin 33 

\Dutro, John Nicholas 1444 Lincoln St., Brownsville, Texas 

-C)uvall, Wi Jiam A 603 N. Poplar, Paris, Tenn. 

Eldridge, H. 3700 N. W. 32nd St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

lElliotf, Albert Reynolds Route 7, Tyler, Texas 

^hiotto, Robert O Brooksville, Fla. 

•<?rayson, Stacy J Bristol, Tenn.-Va. 

Green, Charles H., Jr Osceola, Mo. 

Guy, Elgar G Scottsville, Ky. 

Hale, Will A., Jr 207 E. Watauga Ave., Johnson City, Tenn. 

Harrison, Jack Alvin, Texas 

Henderson, Alton M Jasper, Fla. 

Hensley, Joe L., Jr Circle Arrow Ranch, Wetmore, Texas 

\Hill, Ace Lee Lebanon, Tenn. 

Hoge, W. J. J., II Jasper, Tenn. 

HoUoway, John T 801 E- LyUe St., Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Horton, Guy K 421 N. Main St., Altus, Okla. 

Houston, Dick 310 E. 16th St., Austin, Texas 

Huff, Robert Lee Texarkana, Ark. 

Hughes, Harry Robinson, Jr Walhalla, S. C. 

Hutchison, Gent Summit, Miss. 

\ Irwin, Bernard Ray 2545 McGregor Way, Houston, Texas 

■Jenkins, Delia Emma 1015 A. West High St., Jefferson City, Mo. 

Johnson, Harold Virgil, Jr Route E., Box 84, Ft. Worth, Texas 

Keener, Everett Edwin Box 81, Harrisville, Ohio 

Lawson, Herbert N., Jr Beaver, Okla. 

^ LeGate, Clark H 2141 N. Kate Ave., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Legette, F. Clinton Centenary, S. C. 

Levine, Alfred Tenneyson, Jr Golf Club Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 

Lewin, Johnny 901 Perrine Bldg., Oklahoma City. Okla. 

Loughlin, Mabel 525 Osage Ave., Bartlesville, Okla. 

Lynch, Benjamin Patrick Winchester, Tenn. 

Y Marks, Dempsey H Home Ave., Clarksville, Tenn. 

^Mathis, Rankin Eugene, Jr 600 Park Ave., Milan, Tenn. 

Merrifield, George Edward, Jr 1301 McChesney Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Mitchell, Myrtle Doris 3567 Tutwiler Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

^Moore, Tom White Pulaski, Tenn. 

McCoy, Frank Thomas Pawhuska, Okla. 

V McNeill, W. A., Jr Union City, Tenn. 

v^eese, Charles Gilbert, Jr Hotel Caldwell, Paris, Tenn. 

NDlschner, C. E IvK^ J 115 Battle Ave., Tarboro, N. C. 

Pace, Glenn A y. Box 211, Dallas, Texas 

Parker, Elmo Dale 204 Hill vSt., Gainesville, Mo. 

Parsons, H. Marvin Dryden, Va. 

Patton, Nat, Jr - Crockett, Texas 

^Phillips, Juanita Manora/.C^^^ 905 E. Ida St., Tampa, Fla. 

Proctor, H. E., Jr. Y» • ^ Eldridge Court, Wynne, Ark. 

■^Ramsey, Charles S Manchester, Tenn. 

Reneau, James H., Jr Celina, Tenn. 

'^ice, John R . .^,, Pittsville, Mo. 

><liley, Noel Hugh . Sj2v-nPi(\ Ridgely, Tenn. 

Roe, J. C Corsicana, Texas 

Santamaria, Foley 1719 Westheimcr St., Houston, Texas 

Schilo, Edgar L 135 Club Drive, San Antonio, Texas 

4Schweizer, George J., Jr 814 Arnold Ave., Greenville, Miss. 

34 CumbErIvAnd University Bulletin 

Shafer, W. O Ranger, Texas 

\Shaw, R. D Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. 

Shelton, Darrell R Zephyr, Texas 

.Shropshire, Spencer Forsythe Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

^Siravo, Alfred A 77 Sandy Lane, Warwick, R. L 

Smith, Jefferson G 4009 Avenue G, Austin, Texas 

Smith, Olen Welbom, Jr 62 11 Belmont Ave., Dallas, Texas 

"^Spackman, ^ern R R. F. D. No. 3, Ogden, Utah 

Starkey, Robert Millard Hollywood, Ala. 

, Stephens, James A 2800 Avenue V, Ensley, Ala. 

•^ Stubbs, Carl G Pampa, Texas 

\Swafford, Hoyt V Pikeville, Tenn. 

^Swaggerty, Jesse James Clayton, New Mexico 

■^Thompson, Alvaretta 4932 Lake Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Thompson, Russell D 1101 Perrine Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Todd, William Dean 1315 N. W. 21st, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Tolbert, Holden George Watonga, Okla. 

-^Tuthill, Terry R King's Highway, Mattituck, L. I., N. Y. 

Underwood, Samuel Babbitt, Jr 515 E- Eighth St., Greenville, N. C. 

Valentine, Q. Z Route No. 2, Waco, Texas 

Wagner, John Hamilton Forest Inn, Dallas, Texas 

Wallace, Cecil Gill Lewisburg, Tenn. 

Warden, Summers 215 Avenue Navarre, Coral Gables, Fla. 

Warren, Julian 206 Smith Bldg., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Watson, Rudolph Burney, Jr 2002 N. Shore Drive, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Williams, Harold P 513 Avon Rd., R. C, Roanoke, Va. 

Wilson, Francis Wade Camden, Ark. 

Wright, Charles Edward 706 So. Fremont, Springfield, Mo. 


Barker, Robert O Morris, 111. 

Brown, Max Bristow, Okla. 

Campbell, John E Nowata, Okla. 

Clark, David Galveston, Texas 

Fredericks, William H St. Louis, Mo. 

Kreuger, Fritz, III Mt. Vernon, Ky. 

Merrifield, George E., Jr 1301 McChesney Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Neff, Kendrick B 434 E- 14th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Nicholson, Samuel Rush Buechel, Ky. 

Boston, Bryan 133 Seaspray Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. 

Taylor, J. Fisher Center, Texas 

Tippett, Frank E Miami, Ariz. 


January, 1938 

Archer, Dan Ernest Spearman, Texas 

Bailey, R. Lee Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. 

Baird, Lendon Jacksboro, Tenn. 

Blevins, Harry E Blountville, Tenn. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 35 

Boling, Ed. W Friendship, Tenn. 

Campbell, John E Nowta, Okla. 

Carlisle, Jack B., Jr Weir, Miss. 

Carroll, Charles T., Ill Morristown, Tenn. 

CoUey, William Hubert, Jr., 829 Porter Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 

Creighton, C. Gardner 31 Taft Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Estes, Moreau P., Jr 1503 Porter Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 

Estes, W. R Selmer, Tenn. 

Fredeking, Robert Richard Huntington, W. Va. 

Fredericks, William Hutson St. Louis, Mo. 

Hanners, George Thomas Clayton, N. Mex. 

Harwell, Kenneth Lebanon, Tenn. 

Hester, WiUiam, Jr Portland, Tenn. 

Hi^htower, Lewis B 1638 Sabine Pass, Beaumont, Texas 

Johnson, Allen B., Jr Bearden, Tenn. 

Lawrence, Llewellyn Lebanon, Tenn. 

Lee, Oscar O'Neil Newport, Tenn. 

Loerke, Carl F. Jr Cody Hotel, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Long, John W Athens, Ala. 

Loyd, Charles D Lebanon, Tenn. 

Mcllvaine, Lee E 1890 Greenwood Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Nasworthy, Norris H Davidsboro, Ga. 

Neill, James Crawford North CarroUton, Miss. 

Nicholson, Samuel Rush Buechel, Ky. 

Rye, Luther J Birmingham, Ala. 

Slaughenhop, George E., Jr Lebanon, Tenn. 

Smith, Charles W R. F. D. No. 3, Alfred, Maine 

Watkins, Robert G., Jr 350 N. Bellevue, Memphis, Tenn. 

Winston, Mac Lubbock, Texas 


With a view to indicating to some extent the influence of the Law 
School upon the country, it has been thought proper to give a Hst of 
some of the more prominent men who received their legal education 
here. The names here inserted are only a partial list. 

Of about 4,500 graduates, and many more who took part of the 
course, hundreds have distinguished themselves at the bar and other- 
wise, those names, for want of space, cannot be given in this issue. 

The Faculty will thank all our alumni who will suggest names to 
be added to this roll hereafter. 

36 Cumberland University Bulletin 

William B. Bate, U. S. Senator, Tennessee. 

Joseph W. Bailey, U. S. Senator, Texas. 

Howell E. Jackson, late Judge Supreme Court, U. S. 

James D. Porter, ex-Governor, Tennessee. 

James B. McCreary, Governor, Kentucky; U. S. Senator. 

Horace H. Lurton, Judge Supreme Court, U. S. 

W. M. McDowell, Judge, Tennessee. 

David Davis Shelby, U. S. Circuit Judge. 

E. S. Hammon, U. S. District Judge. 

Charles G. Blackard, Judge, Part II Davidson County. 

C. D. Clark, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee. 

John F. House, late M. C, Tennessee. 

W. C. Caldwell, Judge Supreme Court, Tennessee. 

William D. Beard, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Tennessee. 

S. F. Wilson, Judge Court Chancery Appeals, Tennessee. 

M. M. Neil, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Tennessee. 

Robert Hatton, General, Confederate Army. 

Sterling Pierson, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

M. E. Benton, M. C, Missouri. 

R. S. Anderson, Judge, Texas. 

I. E. Riddick, Supreme Judge, Arkansas. 

Theodore Brantley, Chief Justice, Montana. 

W. G. Taliaferro, Judge, Texas. 

N. N. Cox, M. C, Tennessee. 

Thomas A. McClellan, Chief Justice, Alabama. 

Henry A. Sharp, Supreme Judge, Alabama. 

R. C. DeGraffenreid, M. C, Texas. 

A. G. Norell. Judge, Utah. 

Charles P. Clint, Judge, Texas. 

A. M. Byrd, M. C., Mississippi. 
H. O. Head, Judge, Texas. 

Ira Landrith, General Secretary Y. P. S. C. E., Boston, Mass. 

B. J. Tarvey, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
Grant Green, Judge, Arkansas. 
William M. Hart, Judge, Tennessee. 
Morgan C. Kirkpatrick, M. C, Tennessee. 
Sterling Crockrell, Judge Supreme Court, Arkansas. 
L. B. Valiant, Chief Justice, Missouri. 

M. H. Mabry, Supreme Judge, Florida. 
A. J. Abernathy, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
John S. Cooper, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
J. W. Bonner, Judge, Tennessee. 
R. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee. 
Edward H. East, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

A. G. Merritt, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
James Hurt, Judge Court of Appeals, Texas. 
L. C. Gauz, M. C, Arkansas. 

H. J. Livingston, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
J. H. Acklen, M. C, Louisiana. 
Zack Taylor, M. C, Tennessee. 
W. H. Gill, Judge, Texas. 

B. B. Battle, Supreme Judge, Arkansas. 
B. A. Enloe, M. C, Tennessee. 
William H. Williamson, Judge, Tennessee. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 37 

H. M. Somerville, Supreme Judge, Alabama. 

J. C. Kyle, M. C, Tennessee. 

"Private" John Allen, M. C, Mississippi. 

H. N. Hutton, Judge, Arkansas. 

H. C. Speake, Judge, Alabama. 

John W. Burgess, Dean, Columbia University Law School, New York. 

Reuben R. Gaines, Chief Justice, Texas. 

John C. Ferris, Judge, Tennessee. 

W. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee. 

R. I. GoUaday, M. C, Tennessee. 

H. Y. Riddle, M. C, Tennessee. 

James Breathett, Judge, Kentucky. 

W. S. McLemore, Judge, Tennessee. 

Granville, Ridley, Judge, Tennessee. 

J. J. DuBose, Judge, Tennessee. 

S. A. Rogers, Judge, Tennessee. 

Levi S. Woods, Judge, Tennessee. 

John A. Fite, Judge, Tennessee. 

J. S. Gribble, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

John Somers, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

H. C. Snodgrass, M. C, Tennessee. 

I. H. Goodnight, M. C, and Judge, Kentucky. 

T. C. Lyons, Chancellor, Mississippi. 

J. B. Lamb, Attorney-General, Florida. 

William L. Martin, Attorney-General, Alabama. 

Richard Morgan, Judge, Te.xas. 

Houston McCurtain, Judge, Indian Territory. 

J. C. McDonald, General, Confederate Army, Indian Territory. 

Henr>' McCony, Judge, Tennessee. 

D. A. Nunn, M. C, Tennessee. 

William Poindexter, Judge, Texas. 

Payne, T. Prim, Judge, Oregon. 

J. W. Philips, Judge, Missouri. 

W. B. Rogers, U. S. Attorney, Montana. 

J. L. Rogers, M. C, Texas. 

O. C. Randall, Judge, Kentucky. 

W. H. Andrews, Judge, Texas. 

S. Arakawa, Professor Imperial University, Japan. 

George Anderson, Judge, Mississippi. 

B. D. Bell, Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 

Emory Fisk Best, Assistant Attorney-General Interior Department, 

United States Government. 
W. R. Cox, M. C, North Carolina. 
J. D. Coe,' General, Confederate Army, Tennessee 
A. H. Carrigan, Judge, Texas. 
Warren Coleman, Judge, Mississippi. 

Alex W. Campbell, General Confederate Army, Tennessee. 
Lucien Earle, Judge, Kansas. 
Hiei F'ukunoka, Professor of Law, Japan. 
M. C. Givens, Judge, Kentucky. 
T. D. Starncs, Judge, Texas. 
M. B. Talley, Judge, Texas. 

C. K. Wheeler, M. C, Kentucky. 
Richard Warner, M. C., Tennessee. 

38 Cumberland University Bulletin 

T. E. Whitfield, General, Confederate Army. 

R. W. Simpson, District Judge, Texas. 

R. C. Simpson, Supreme Court Judge, Alabama. 

J. R. Byrd, Judge, Mississippi. 

John E. Richardson, Judge, Tennessee. 

Ernest, L. Bullock, Judge, Tennessee. 

T. P. Gore, U. S. Senator, Oklahoma. 

Robinson McMillan, Judge, Oklahoma. 

John Caruthers, Judge, Oklahoma. 

John H. Stephens, M'. C, Texas. 

T. U. Sisson, M. C., Mississippi. 

Robert R. Butler, Judge, Oregon. 

Daniel Hoon, Judge, Arkansas. 

William A. Roane, Judge, Mississippi. 

John L. Buckley, Judge, Mississippi. 

James Perkins, Judge, Florida. 

J. R. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee. 

George E. Seay, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

J. E. HalseU, Judge, Kentucky. 

M. M. Smith, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

Thomas S. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee. 

W. H. Swiggart, Judge, Tennessee. 

H. W. lyightfoot. Judge, Texas. 

J. B. Grider, Judge, Kentucky. 

W. E. Ward, founder of Ward Seminary, Tennessee. 

Edgar P. Smith, Judge, Tennessee. 

James Y. PoUey, Judge, Texas. 

Andrew Price, M. C, Louisiana. 

Foster V. Brown, M. C, Tennessee. 

Willis Reeves, Judge, Kentucky. 

Robert B. Green, Judge, Texas. 

J. M. Taylor, Judge Chancery Court of Appeals, Tennessee. 

J. D. Conway, Judge, Arkansas. 

Thomas W. Ford, Judge, Texas. 

A. C. Allen, Judge, Texas. 

E. G. Mitchell, Judge, Arkansas. 

Cordell Hull, Judge and U. S. Senator, Secretary of State, Tennessee. 

W. F. Clemmons, M. C, Arkansas. 

J. M. Lindsay, Judge, Texas. 

John A. McKinney, Judge, Tennessee. 

W. D. Frazee, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

G. W. Hewitt, M. C, Alabama. 

Thetus W. Sims, M. C, Tennessee. 

Rysden Tyler Bennett, Judge Supreme Court and M. C, North Carolina. 

J. W. McBroom, U. S. District Judge, Virginia. 

R. M. Milbum, Professor of Law, University of Indiana. 

Henry L. Muldrow, M. C, Mississippi. 

A. G. Sharp, Circuit Judge, Alabama. 
W. S. Hill, M. C, Mississippi. 

B. T. Kimbrough, Chancellor, Mississippi. 
R. T. Shannon, Law Author, Tennessee. 

W. H. Gill, Judge Court Civic Appeals, Texas. 
Robert B. Williams, Judge, Tennessee. 
Lucius P. Little, Circuit Judge, Kentucky. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 39 

Lysander Houck, Circuit Court Judge, Kansas. 

J. D. Tillman, Minister to Ecuador. 

Charles C. Crowe, ex-Governor, New Mexico. 

A. M. Stephens, M. C, Texas. 

A. C. Randall, M. C, Texas. 

G. B. Gerald, Judge, Texas. 

Joseph M. Hill, Chief Justice, Arkansas. 

Wharton J. Green, M. C, North Carolina. 

Robert E. Houston, General Confederate Army, Mississippi. 

E. B. Kinsworthy, Attorney-General, Arkansas. 
J. T. Dunn, Judge, Mississippi. 

Benj. H. Rice, Judge, Texas. 

Walter Simpson, Judge, Texas. 

Francis Fentress, Jr., Judge, Tennessee. 

W. F. Kirby, U. S. Senator, Arkansas. 

P. Frank Greever, Judge, Texas. 

Robert B. Seay, Judge, Texas. 

M. C. Butler, M. C, Tennessee. 

Grafton Green, Chief Justice, Tennessee. 

Dana Harmon, Judge, Tennessee. 

Judson Clements, U. S. Commerce Commission. 

A. B. Neil, Judge, Tennessee. 

John Thos. Watkins, M. C, Louisiana. 

Harry A. Hammerly, Judge, Oklahoma. 

W. Y. Pemberton, Judge Supreme Court, Montana. 

W. B. Turner, Judge, Tennessee. 

F. P. Hall, Judge Supreme Court, Tennessee. 

J. T. Blair, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Missouri. 

C. B. Smith, Judge, Alabama. 
William W. Whitesides, Judge, Alabama. 

Benjamin F. Looney, Attorney-General, State ofjTexas. 

D. B. Hill, Judge, Texas. 
Samuel R. Sells, M. C, Tennessee. 
M. H. Meeks, Judge, Tennessee. 
Park Trammell, U. S. Senator, Florida. 
Virgil Bourland, Judge, Arkansas. 

W. W. Venable M. C, Mississippi. 

Tilman D. Johnson, U. S. Judge, Utah. 

Xen Hicks, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee. 

J. W. Ross, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee. 

R. H. Powell, Judge, Arkansas. 

Thomas Harsh, Judge, Tennessee. 

Pierre H. Branning, Judge, Florida. 

Grover C. Keck, Judge, Arkansas. 

James W. Swayne, Judge, Texas. 

Rutherford Brett, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

Sidney Y. Catts, Governor, Florida. 

Duval West, U. S. Judge, Texas. 

Eugene Black, M. C, Texas. 

W. R. Blackshear, Judge, Texas. 

Samuel Hooker, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

Henry H. Rodgers, Judge, Mississippi. 

J. H. Smithwick, M. C, Florida. 

Robert H. Sharpe, Judge, Tennessee. 

40 Cumberland University Bulletin 

W. W. Faw, Presiding Judge of Civil Appeals, Tennessee. 

D. A. McCanless, Judge, Kentucky. 

Sydney R. Clark, Judge of Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee. 

W. W. Farbough, Acting Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 

Horace E. Palmer, Judge, Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee. 

Frank T. Fancher, Acting Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 

W. D. Kyser, U. S. District Attorney, Tennessee. 

Robt. W. Smartt, Judge, Tennessee. 

Thos. Everett Harwood, Judge, Tennessee. 

Oscar Yamell, Judge, Tennessee. 

Thos. C. McClellan, Supreme Judge, Alabama. 

George Huddleston, M. C, Alabama. 

Harry W. Laughlin, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee. 

J. Will Taylor, M. C, Tennessee. 

F. B. Swank, M. C, Oklahoma. 

Joseph Brown, M. C. Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Lon A. Scott, M. C, Tennessee. 

J. C. Hobbs, Judge, Tennessee. 

Wynne F. Clouse, M. C, Tennessee. 

W. A. Dickson, Judge, Arkansas. 

W. B. Sorrels, Judge, Arkansas. 

John R. Aust, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

E. F. Langford, Judge, Tennessee. 
Chester K. Hart, Judge, Tennessee. 

Graham Edgerton, Solicitor of U. S. Navy Dept. 

W. C. Salmon, M. C, Tennessee. 

Creek Lent Rice, Judge, Mississippi. 

Gordon Browning, M. C., Governor, Tennessee. 

Oliver Searcy, Judge, Oklahoma. 

Tlios. G. Parham, Judge, Arkansas. 

Jno. B. Bowman, Attorney-General, Tennessee. 

Paul Burks, Judge, California. 

Clarence W. Guerin, Judge, California. 

Glenn Terrell, Supreme Judge, Florida. 

W. F. Turner, M. C, Tennessee. 

L. A. Johnson, M. C, Tennessee. 

S. D. McReynolds, M. C, Tennessee. 

James I. Phelps, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

J. Ridley Mitchell, Judge, M. C, Tennessee. 

Ernest H. Boyd, Attorney-General, Tennessee. 

C. C. Miller, Judge, Tennessee. 

George Watkins, Attorney-General, Tennessee. 

W. H. Swiggart, Jr., Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 

E. W. Eggleston, Attorney-General, Tennessee. 

Fred A. Speakman, Judge, Oklahoma. 

George T. Amett, Judge, Oklahoma. 

James Mathis, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

C. F. P. Quinn, Judge, Tennessee. 

Richard M. Atkinson, Attorney-General, M. C, Teimessee. 

Leslie Darr, Judge, Tennessee. 

A. Z. Adkins, Judge, Florida. 

Worth Trammel, Judge, Florida. 

Ben Allen, Attorney-General, Tennessee. 

Jesse L. Rodgers, Attorney-General, Tennessee. 

Cumberland University Bulletin 41 

A. B. Priddy, Judge, Arkansas. 

James D. Senter, Judge, Coiurt of Appeals, Tennessee. 

H. F. Kirby, Judge, Texas. 

Hal W. Adams, Judge, Florida. 

Wm. J. Holloway, Governor, Oklahoma. 

Benjamin H. Littleton, Judge, U. S. Court of Claims, Washington, D. C. 

Chas. Galloway Blackard, Judge, Tennessee. 

Perry S. Robertson, Judge, Texas. 

G. E. Richardson, Judge, Texas. 

Charles Swindall, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

J. W. Clark, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

James V. Allred, Attorney-General, Governor, Texas. 

Wright Patman, M. C, Texas. 

O. K. Holloday, Judge, Tennessee. 

D. A. Vines, Judge, Tennessee. 

H. B. Brown, Judge, Tennessee. 

William Vories Gregory, M. C, Kentucky. 

Robert Reybum Butler, M. C, Oregon. 

P. P. Prim, Supreme Judge, Oregon. 

Jere Cooper, M. C, Tennessee. 

James E. Ruffin, M. C, Missouri. 

Robert J. Smith, Judge, Missouri Court of Appeals, Missouri. 

J. Carlton Loser, District Attorney-General, Tennessee. 

J. A. Draine, Judge, Texas. 

John M. Kuykendall, Judge, Mississippi. 

T. J. Murray, District Attorney, Tennessee. 

David P. Murray, District Attorney, Tennessee. 

W. W. Herron, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

DeWitt Henderson, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

Joshua Bryan Lee, U. S. Senator, Oklahoma. 

Bert Miller, Attorney-General, Idaho. 

Arthur G. Bushby, Judge, Mississippi. 

Charles W. Connor, Judge, Oklahoma. 

Frank L. Johnson, Judge, Tennessee. 

Luke McAmis, Judge, Tennessee. 

M. C. Ketchum, Judge, Tennessee. 

Luther Johnson, M. C., Texas. 

Seth M. Walker, Gen. Counsel, N., C. & St. L. Ry., Tennessee. 

Lillard Thompson, Atty-Gen. and Counsel for Tenn. Cen. R. R., Tenn. 

Horace Russell, Gen. Counsel U. S. Home Owners Loan Corp., Atlanta. 

Carl S. Hatch, Senator, New Mexico. 

Griffin Smith, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Arkansas. 

Sam Felts, Judge Court of Appeals, Tennessee. 

Sam Marable, Judge, Tennessee. 

Peabody Howard, District Attorney, Tennessee 

T. L. Coleman, Judge, Tennessee 

Herron Pearson, M. J., Tennessee 

J. Max Peebles, Gen. Counsel N. L. &• A. L Co., Tennessee 

Sidney T. Roebuck, Highway Comm., Mississippi. 

Albert Williams, Judge, Counsel for R. R. Commission, Tennessee. 

Guy Stevens, Judge, Idaho. 

L. L. Harrell, Dist. Atty., Tennessee. 

Walter H. Anderson, Atty. and Author, Idaho. 

C. S. Slatton, Judge Court Civil Appeals, Texas. 

Andrew Troley, Chairman State Ind. Comm., Oklahoma 

Joseph E. Warren, Judge, Kentucky. 

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